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Another Turkish family embraces trade and religion. They turn the family into a fortress to keep the ‘destructive’, ‘seductive’ and ‘satanic’ influences of modern life at bay. When the young girl in the family rebels against this cloistered life and runs away, the balance is upset and the family is thrown into crisis. Their ethic collapses faced with the transforming force of modern life.


The Kurdish family experiences a sudden liberalization in its effort to adapt. The wife leaves the man and returns to Turkey. The man engages in and endless stream of unexpected, sometimes bizarre sexual adventures with women of every class and nationality. He sees this web of relationships as the way of getting to know the Society, to have a taste of its way of life and personal development.


The migrant who thinks primarily of himself and his future, and the migrant who sees this future within Australia’s future. The migrant with the ghetto mentality and the migrant who wants to open, to become on with the Society in which he lives.