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Articles > TOWARD YOU  



I got up

On my hind legs

I got up towards you

I lost my tail

I walked towards you

Like a child

Watching in amazement

From his den

I started watching

Te sun and the moon

I was suckled

On the forests' sustenance and magic

I learned about terror

Learned about living

I discovered fire my love fire

That awesome thing


And with the joy of creating

I discovered how to smile

The bow and arrow

Pots and jars...

I made my hands love the soil

Domesticated animals

I smelted bronze

And iron and gold

Harnessed the water and the wind

Directed towards you

I created writing my love writing

To be able to sing fine songs

Towards you

History mythology


rchitecture cosmology...

I abolished religious rule in science

With a volcanic rumble

I created machines

Towards you...

And now for you

I am exiled and martyred

I pull my beads towards you

And pace towards you